Legal Services

We work closely with Miguel Rodriguez Ceballos and collaborate with Luis Sanchez Garcia Yanes, who handle a wide range of legal cases. Miguel has extensive experience in litigation relating to complex timeshare and investment products.

Timeshare and Partial Ownership Investments

Do you want to find out if you are entitled to a full refund of your timeshare or investment? Are you looking to relinquish or sell a timeshare product?

Our experts have recently seen a surge in clients requiring advice on exiting timeshare contracts and investments that haven’t delivered as promised.  Partly as a result of a Spanish Supreme Court Ruling given in 2015, certain timeshare contracts have been declared illegal and can be legally cancelled. Now is the time to check if your timeshare contract can be cancelled and if you can receive your money back.

In general, you are most likely eligible to claim if you did one of the following:


  • You bought your Timeshare in the ECC/Spain, directly from the developer and it was purchased after 1999.
  • You paid any deposit within the “cooling-off period”, or
  • You paid any money or balance within 90 days of agreeing the purchase.